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Heinrich Wilhelm Dove

What Are Binaural Beats Anyways?

Discovered by Physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839, Binaural Beats are specially engineered sounds that can help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states.

The discovery was  profound at the time, but the effects gained much more attention after further research.

How The Science Works

Different sound waves are sent independently to each ear, at specified frequencies and intervals. The combination of these tones causes your brain to naturally fill in any gaps between the two sounds, creating the phenomenon of “binaural beats.” These beats cause your brain to naturally enter the different brainwave states.

Brainwave Entrainment

Scientists Are Learning More Everyday…

Leading institutions like Harvard, Princeton, The Monroe Institute & countless more have been testing and measuring the physical, mental, and performance benefits of Binaural Beat Technology—since 1837.

Until recently the focus has been on binaural beats ability to quickly ease you into a powerful meditative state.

That was before.

This Is Now…

“There is a remarkable generalized effect when brainwave patterns are slowed into the alpha, theta and delta ranges. This changes the neural structure and pushes the brain to reorganize itself at higher, more complex levels of functioning…”

Dr Robert Capel, Prominent Neuroscientist

What They Say About Genius Might Surprise You

If you’re like most of us, your brain has not been programmed to respond effectively to challenging situations or problems that require higher-level thinking.

In fact, studies show that your brain is probably betraying you by stimulating a “stress response”, and actually begins working less on finding a solution to the problem at hand—instead of transitioning into the brainwave state you need to achieve the most ideal outcome.

However, scientists have dug down and focused in on the top 1% of mental-performers in our population. The super-achievers, the greatest thinkers of our time—the geniuses…and they found that there’s No Gene in Genius.

But there are optimized brainwave patterns. The kind of brainwave patterns your mind needs to get-into-gear-with immediately, when you’re facing a stressful situation. Brainwave patterns that support your mind into states of intense concentration and laser-sharp focus.

Simply Put – There is No GENE in Genius, Just Brainwave Entrainment & Synchronization

Binaural Beat

Why Scientists & the Successful Use Binaural Beats

“A growing body of scientific studies have demonstrated that Binaural Beats create the type of brainwave entrainment and synchronization that result in lasting positive effects for your mind and body–without taking any additional action beyond focusing on your breathing or the task at hand”

-Scientific American, “Auditory Beats in the Brain”

-“EEG Disentrainment Feedback”, Dr Ochs, 1993

How Do Binaural Beats Give You Control Over How You Feel and Perform?

Binaural Beats occur when you send a slightly different tone frequency into each ear, creating an interference pattern that your brain interprets as a gentle beat — a beat only you can hear.

Those beats trigger a responding brainwave frequency — Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta, or Delta, or a specific combination, allowing your body to naturally transition into the right brainwave “state”.

Why Are These Scientific Findings Profound?

Because it means that you can now quickly switch from one optimal brain state to another, while entraining your brain and body so you perform at your peak, easily overcome the everyday challenges, accelerate how quickly you accomplish your daily checklist of tasks—even sleep better, and stress less.

The Result: You Can Now Control How You Perform and Feel, By the Minute

The Power of Binaural Beat Technology to Shape Your Brain

If you have ever studied the human brain, you probably already know that you naturally perform different tasks while in different brain wave states.  In fact, each brain wave state is proven to help you in an unique way.

Gamma Brainwaves

Want unstoppable confidence, or that rush of explosive energy? Gamma is where you want to be if you’re exercising or need to get pumped up and empowered to perform.

Beta Waves

The state most of us work in every day. Beta requires your highest attention and focus. A little is good, but too much causes stress and elevated cortisol levels.

Alpha Waves

Alpha waves allow you to tap into deep creativity, experience deeper relaxation and accelerates how quickly you learn and retain information.

Theta Waves

Theta waves gently relax your brain into deep transcendental like meditation, and experience crystal-clear thinking.

Delta Waves

Delta waves lull you into a rejuvenating sleep and allow you to wake up feeling rested.

Your Desired Brainwave – When You Want It

By triggering a specific combination of brainwave patterns you can place your mind and body into the exact state you need to get from thinking about an activity, to performing it—while working, performing, playing, or resting.

With compounding & lasting effects that increase the more frequently you listen.

Feeling stressed? Need to tap into your brains endless well of creativity? Desire more restful sleep? Want to perform at your athletic best? Need an instant boost of confidence before giving a presentation?

Brain Entrainment

Just Put on Your Headphones and Select the Matching Binaural Power Track to Get in the Right Mindset – Instantly!