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Here’s A Sneak Peak at the Immediate & Lasting Benefits You’ll Get From This Mind Shaping Technology

Brainwave Synchronization & Entrainment

Your brain, supporting peak performance, optimal health & balanced well-being in perfect harmony.

Much like a piano, your brain requires a regular tune-up to naturally provide the most potent brainwave states—allowing you to perform at optimal levels.

Binaural Power soundtracks produce the right tones to get the most important regions of your brain back into sync, allowing you to realize the limitless benefits of brainwave synchronization and entrainment.


Revolutionary Meditation Technology

Scientists agree that meditation gives you vast results that other mind-transforming solutions simply fail to offer.

We’ve designed Binaural Power so people who have never meditated a second in their life can begin reaching the right brainwave pattern, in minutes.  Without struggle.

In fact, it’s the only program of its kind that takes no practice, no experience, & no special knowledge.

When You Create the Right Brain Wave, You Can Achieve Anything You Desire

But the beauty of our program is that you don’t need to know which frequency you want, because we’ve made it simple. Just choose the outcome you desire, and the custom-created frequency will take your mind to the place that best serves you in minutes.

If you have headphones and 15 to 30 minutes then you’ll love how Binaural Power Gets You Amazing Results While Engaging Both Sides of Your Brain—Effortlessly. Because our high-quality, immersive, binaural beats naturally guide your mind to the most desirable frequency when you choose your desired outcome, and press play.

Unlike those other inferior binaural beat products in the marketplace, there are no harsh spaceship sounding tones or disturbing whines that cause more headaches than they cure, in our audio tracks— You just sit back, relax and unwind to soft, beautiful music that feeds your soul and subconsciously puts you into your desired state of mind.

Binaural Power uses ground-breaking audio technology to rapidly bend your mind into the enhanced state you seek, subliminally. We’ve designed Binaural Power so people who have never focused on getting into the right “state” a second in their life can begin experiencing results— right this instant—without struggle.

And the Experience is Beyond Amazing. In Fact, It’s the Only Program of its Kind That Takes No Practice, No Experience, and No Special Knowledge.

We’ve Specially Engineered a Library of 10 Tracks to Help You Throughout Your Day

Binaural Beats

Track # 1: Bright Awakening

Alpha 8 Hz to Beta 16 Hz

Waking up can be a shocking experience for our minds and bodies. Because the world we live in is full of abrupt noises, late nights, and too much work, our bodies rarely get the rest they need to go beyond surviving and thrive. Join the millions who experience an amazing day filled with abundance, joy, and success when you tune in to this unique combination of Alpha into Beta waves.

Track # 2: Bold Confidence

Gamma 39 Hz

Gamma waves rev up your confidence, strength, and motivation in minutes. Leverage these beats to experience moments of confidence, strength, and fortitude when needed most.

Gamma Binaural Beats
Binaural Beats Focus

Track #3: Enhanced Focus

Mid Beta 16 Hz

What if getting focused and maintaining your concentration were as simple as flipping a switch? Uptempo and driving beats propel your mind into peak concentration, allowing you to be more productive and stay focused longer.

Track # 4: Inspired Creativity

Mid Alpha 10 Hz

Tired of having to sit around and wait for creativity or inspiration? This track allows you to experience the passive creativity and mind expansion that drives new ideas and solutions.

Binaural Beats Creativity
Binaural Beats Relaxation

Track #5: Blissful Relaxation

Low Alpha 8 Hz

Rejuvenate your mind, and eliminate tension after work so that you are ready to unwind and enjoy life.  Upload this track into your internal consciousness when you just need to stop, take a deep breathe, and feel the stress melt away.

Track #6: Worldly Compassion

Higher Theta 6.3 Hz

The harmonious balance of peaceful chords and relaxing beats work flawlessly together to calm your senses and help you feel compassion toward yourself and others. Use this track to attain a level of light meditation, allowing you to take a quick break from stress, and return refreshed.

Binaural Beats Compassion
Binaural Beats Schumann Resonance

Track #7: Deep Gratitude

Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz

Be in sync with the Earth’s natural rhythm. The Schumann Resonance is the electromagnetic frequency that is responsible for all life on this planet. Instantly experience more happiness, connection, gratitude, and inspire a profound appreciation for the beauty in the world around you. Many people love listening to this binaural beats track when connecting with nature, or simply to feel happier about being alive.

Track #8: Spiritual Meditation

Deep Theta 5.5 Hz to Mid Delta 1.5 Hz

Get ready to tap into the universe… This track synergistically weaves together binaural tones to induce what feels like a hypnotic state, allowing you to avoid distraction and gain insight from your internal self, and all levels of your consciousness. Everyone tells us this is their favorite way to experience what every daily monk desires— Transcendental Meditation.

Binaural Beats Meditation
Binaural Beats Inner Peace

Track # 9: Inner Stillness

Low Theta 4.9 Hz

Silence your inner critic… Do you stay up late at night because your mind is still racing from the events of the day? This track imitates the sound of water drops falling into a calm pool, creating a wave of deep inner stillness to quiet your mind.

Track # 10: Restful Sleep

Delta 1.4 Hz

You only think you’ve slept before… Get the restful sleep you require to stay sharp, focused, and rejuvenated for the next day. This track sends your mind into a state of deep sleep so you quickly overcome insomnia and get a good night’s rest.

Binaural Beats Sleep

Your Desired State of Consciousness – With Just a Click of a Button

Leveraging the power of the binaural beats that reach deep into your mind to deliver the exact state of consciousness you desire is now as simple as putting your headphones on and pushing play.  Each track offers a 15 minute version and a 30 minute version to allow you to access the state faster in a pinch, or go deeper when you have more time.

Now, allow a perfect night’s rest, unstoppable confidence and boundless creativity to flow easily into your life… Not to mention peace of mind, calm focus, and the energy you need to move beyond surviving and THRIVE now.

We’ve spent thousands of dollars researching and testing every track so we can personally assure you how well Binaural Power works—but it doesn’t mean it should cost your life savings.

The Truth is, We Believe Everyone Deserves to Experience Our Mind-Expanding Technology

That’s why we’ve made Binaural Power not only easy to use but also incredibly affordable. So instead of spending thousands of dollars to develop your own tunes, hire a life coach, or fly to Asia for Zen Monk Training, you can program your brain instantly for a fraction of the cost.

Your entire life can shift when you plug into this program. You’ll get instant access to the next step on your journey TODAY!

We Would Tell You That a New You Will Emerge, But Really, It‘s About Finding That Amazing You That’s Already Locked Away Inside!

Know that you that can flip the Zen switch one minute, and discover a source of untapped awakening the next.

And the financially well-off you just hiding behind those feelings of doubt—waiting to blossom into the empowered, secure, happy you that’s been hiding all along.

We’re not your only choice to discover consciousness — we just deliver the fastest results. We offer you the best price for the profound outcomes you desire. There are other low-quality versions of what we do that overpromise, but fail to deliver maximum results.

But if you’re too busy to spend years learning how to meditate, love to get more for your money, desire to experience a life lived on your own terms, and really just want to dramatically expand your mind’s capabilities without wasting energy trying—then you understand why we designed Binaural Power.

What makes Binaural Power better than the competition?


Causes Headaches

  • Some binaural beats tracks only have the tones and no music, sounding like an extraterrestrial invasion.

Poor Sound Quality

  • Recorded in low fidelity and sampling.
  • Uses “Public Domain” music, lacking creativity.


  • Most tracks are only a few minutes.
  • You typically only get 1-5 tracks.


  • Some programs, like Omharmonics and Holosync, cost $299 or more.

Binaural Power

Professionally Composed Music

  • Our team of composers and audio engineers optimize each track for maximum brainwave entrainment results.
  • Studies have shown that adding music to the binaural beats increases efficiency.

Premium Sound Quality

  • Recorded in high fidelity.
  • Features all original music… you won’t find these tracks anywhere else!

Over 6 Hours of Audio

  • Binaural Power comes with 10 different tracks, to help you throughout your day.
  • Each track comes in a 15 minute and 30 minute version.
  • This is over 6 hours of high-quality, binaural beats audio.

Unbelievable Value… Starting at only $29

  • Instant access to the MP3s are only $29.
  • Binaural Power is also available on CD, for the highest sound quality available.

I’m Ready To Experience This Breakthrough Technology

And discover a life of self-directed fulfillment, and reach new levels of consciousness NOW!

  • Binaural Power MP3 Download
  • 20 High Quality MP3 Audio Tracks
  • Over 6 Hours of Binaural Beats Audio
  • Instant Access
  • $89 $19
  • Binaural Power 8 CD Set
  • 8 CD Limited Edition
  • Over 6 Hours of Binaural Beats Audio
  • Highest Quality Audio
  • $149 $29
  • Binaural Power MP3 Download and 8 CD Set
  • Digital Download and 8 CD set
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  • $199 $29

Try Binaural Power today and if you feel unsatisfied for any reason within the next 30 days we will provide you with a full refund.

Because you should only have to invest in the best.

Here Are Just a Few More Reasons Why Scientists and Psychologists Believe the Revolutionary Technology You’ll Experience When You Listen to Binaural Power

“Relieved stress, reduced rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, reduced cardiovascular risk factors, decreased psychological distress, improved sleep patterns.”

University Of Maryland

“Meditation reduces high blood pressure, anxiety substance abuse, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and visits to health care providers…”

Mayo Clinic Health Letter

“…Reduce chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, cholesterol, health care use, substance abuse, post- traumatic stress response, and blood levels of stress hormones.”

The National Institute of Health

What Others Are Saying About Binaural Power

Stephen Hilgart

“Even us workaholics need help some days. I’ll usually pop on one of the binaural tunes when I’m working late. It calms me down and keeps me focused.”

Stephen HilgartSpeaker, Marketer and Coach
Nick Hemmert

“I listen to Binaural Power throughout the day for specific functions.  I love the variety of brainwave entrainment this program offers”

Nick HemmertSpeaker and Business Owner

Get Instant Access to This Breakthrough Audio Technology Today!

  • Binaural Power MP3 Download
  • 20 High Quality MP3 Audio Tracks
  • Over 6 Hours of Binaural Beats Audio
  • Instant Access
  • $89 $19
  • Binaural Power 8 CD Set
  • 8 CD Limited Edition
  • Over 6 Hours of Binaural Beats Audio
  • Highest Quality Audio
  • $149 $29
  • Binaural Power MP3 Download and 8 CD Set
  • Digital Download and 8 CD set
  • Our Best Value!
  • Free USA Shipping
  • $199 $29